The purpose of  the Holistic  part of my work, is to support the individual through Bio-feedback work, Diet and Nutrition Advice   SCIO /Eductor Therapy, Oxygen Regenerative Therapy, SCENAR-Cosmodic Therapy, Diet and Nutrition Advice to achieve good health and well being.

The SCENAR- Cosmodic attempts to help stimulate the body's own healing abilities, sending electromagnetic signals to the brain using Bio-Feedback when the device makes contact during treatment.

This appears to stimulate the brain, releasing endorphins, managing the pain naturally and stimulating the body, thus  boosting recuperation and well being.

SCENAR- Cosmodic treatment is  totally non-invasive.


Book a Consultation (lasting about 45mins - 1 hour). Follow up appointments are dependent on first appointment.

We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy and regret that bookings cancelled without the required notice will not be refunded. Please contact us to cancel or reschedule any appointments.

Payment is required during the each session and cost is discussed whilst making the appointment.

I am a member of The Complimentary Medical Association