Universal Life Force - Marilyn Allen PhD

We all have this energy, a life force, our soul. This is the essence of our being and consciousness and moves through us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  This life force is called the Prana, Ki, Chi and so on. Our choices can have negative effects on this life force and affect us. For instance, our energy becomes unbalanced, stagnant or blocked. 

What Weakens The Life Force?

- Surrounded by negative situations

- Very little exercise

- Excessive consumption e.g. Bad eating habits, self medicating (recreational drugs/smoking/excessive drinking)

- Stress

- Little rest and restoration

- Little or no well being activities e.g. yoga, meditation, exercise

- Inability to regulate affect 


How Can We Restore Balance?

- Change of lifestyle gradually from negative to positive

- More well being activities e.g. yoga, meditation, exercise

- Chakra balancing (with Crystals or SCIO-Eductor)

- Aura balancing (with Crystals or SCIO-Eductor)


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