Some Comments From Past Clients Gathered By Feedback and Published (Some) Anonymously though with Permission.

I think it is amazing what using Biofeedback devices has done for users. Biofeedback is allowing us the ability to become proactive about our futures and giving us the knowledge to create the best lives for ourselves possible.

Between the SCIO and Marilyn’s counselling, I’ve moved forward leaps and bounds. Thank you.
Marilyn was very professional and supportive. I have gained the strength that I always needed to make better decisions for my future. She comes highly recommended. I had never heard of the Cosmodic Scenar or Quantum SCIO before my sessions but I now know!
I see things much clearer and realise my behaviour pattern has an impact on everything that I do. My sessions have impacted on all areas of my life in a positive way and I have felt supported by Marilyn on this journey. The Quantum-Scio is amazing and Marilyn comes highly recommended.
Quantum SCIO - Amazing!
On my visit to Marilyn she made me feel very comfortable and safe. She has a professional and emphatic approach to all the different aspects of support . While having my treatment with the Quantum SCIO machine, I was really impressed with her knowledge and the broad spectrum of ideas to improve my health. This machine is incredible and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
An amazing and empathetic, unhurried and knowledgeable service. 1 visit gave me a sense of well-being and my first full night’s sleep in months.
Professional and empathetic! Would highly recommend.
I was a bit nervous about using the Bio-Feedback Machine but Marilyn made me feel very at ease. She explained how the machine worked before and during the process and I wil definately go back for more sessions if I need them. The bonus? No nasty chemicals in the form of pharmaceutical drugs.
I told Marilyn I would feedback as honestly as I could. So here we go. No needles, no medication, I left the session feeling relaxed though thirsty. Slept deeply last night, the first in ages. I am not looking forward to the slight lifestyle change but if that is what will help me, it is a small price to pay. Thanks Marilyn.
My son went for counselling because he had ‘issues’. He is now happier, making friends, has more focus, and has better grades at school. Marilyn’s work speaks for itself.
I always thought I was beyond help, but my sessions with Marilyn helped me come to terms with my behaviour. I am recovering now and grateful for her patience and help
I am not sure how the Bio-Feedback Machines work but the sessions have made a difference to my health. Before then, nothing helped so thank you Marilyn Allen
I hate needles, drips and pharmaco nasties, so after some research. Bio-Feedback was the one for me. I was not disappointed. Marilyn had knowledge like an encyclopedia! Blimey! Anyway, I am glad I chose to use her Practice because I got Diet and Nutrition advice in addition to the Bio-Feedback session. I will go back. My scepticism is gone for ever.