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Need to Heal Through Awareness

Marilyn Allen PhD

Need to Heal through Awareness. Emotional signals enable us to be aware of our emotional reality. Being aware of the signs of stress, our emotional internal states, and trusting what we feel helps us learn to face our reality. Our awareness of affect is essential. The use of body language, tone of voice, even the use of language has impact on us. Physical reactions like perspiration, sudden intense thirst, difficulty in management of bowels/bladder, palpitations, sudden loss of joy, anxiety triggered by what we see, smell, hear or touch helps intensify our sense of awareness when triggered. Overreaction, behaving out of character are also signs that indicate that we are activated and being aware of these behaviours are vital. Awareness helps us to acknowledge our instinct and gut feelings. Our brains/bodies are more complex than we realise. The body holds the lot. References: Carpetenter, P., 2019 Transformational Security Awareness. What Neuroscientists, Storytellers, & Marketers Can Teach Us About Driving Secure Behaviour. Wiley. Reeve, K., 2020 Brain Unchained: Shining a torch on depression and lightning the way to emotional awareness in teenagers and young adults. DVG Star Publishing.

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