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Marilyn Allen PhD - Therapeutic Counselling

We now offer virtual therapy (remote) sessions as well as on-site visits in Harley Street London



This is a Multi-Disciplinary Clinic that offers Holistic and Well Being Treatments. These include Psychotherapeutic Counselling, Natural Medicine and Biofeedback Treatments. Our treatments include CyberMagnetic Chair Therapy, Quest 9 Work, Quantum- SCIO Therapy, SCENAR Cosmodic Therapy, Airnergy Therapy, Bereavement Counselling and also Adolescent Therapeutic Counselling (Using the Arts). Available remotely, at our Harley Street Clinic and in North London.

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Marilyn Allen Therapeutic Counselling Ltd works with you to make improvements in your personal and professional life.

-Marilyn Allen PhD


  • Low self-esteem/confidence existential crisis

  • Trauma

  • Self-harm & addictions

  • Anger management

  • Loss/bereavement

  • Relationship issues

  • Social withdrawal

  • Confusing feelings at work or at home

  • Trust issues

  • Anxiety issues

  • Depression

  • Peer pressure

  • Feeling alone

  • Problems with food

  • Feelings of being unable to cope

  • Abuse/bullying (physical or online)

  • Academic difficulties

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I thought I would wait to feel the full benefits of my treatment before leaving a review. I am thoroughly satisfied with the Natural Medicine holistic treatment I got from Dr Marilyn Allen's clinic. I was a sceptic about alternative treatments before but not anymore. I am sending every member of my family to this clinic should the need arise. It definitely beats the ten-minute visit to the GP let me tell you! It's worth the wait. It is my health and I am happy I invested in it. Thank you, Dr Marilyn.

I had tried various Integrative treatments but heard Dr Marilyn was the best so l went to see her for my chronic condition. I can comfortably tell, her work was impeccable. My treatment was tailor-made for me. No messing about. I was talked through every stage of my sessions and quite frankly, l felt involved during the whole experience. I understood my condition and what to do to reduce flare-ups. I had never been told this after years of various treatments! I have not had an episode after following my treatment plan for six months! Thanks, Dr Marilyn. Why do we not know about this kind of Quantum Biofeedback work in mainstream health care? Highly recommended!

We are exceptionally grateful to Dr Marilyn Allen for the excellent  therapeutic care given to our sister, who was virtually at the edge of a mental and emotional breakdown over health symptoms that were causing her great pain, discomfort and anxiety. Your excellent patient work with her has suddenly transformed her attitude. She feels reassured and is already revived, looking forward to the course of treatment. Words cannot truly describe our joy and gratitude. We will highly recommend your services to all. Thank you very much.

Contact us for Therapeutic Counselling in Harley Street on 07503 318241

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