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Qualified Counsellor / Board Certified Biofeedback Specialist available in person or by Telemedicine, at our Harley Street or North London Clinics

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Dr Marilyn Allen PhD acquired her Doctorate in Natural Medicine after working in the academic and counselling sectors for over a decade. She is a Board Certified Biofeedback Specialist who also gained her Counselling Qualification at The Institute For Arts in Therapy & Education. As a clinician, she supports clients from adolescence onwards, combining her clinical knowledge with academic knowledge to enhance the awareness of client's experiences. She runs a multi-disciplinary holistic clinic from North London and Harley Street (Central London) offering:

  • Psychotherapeutic Counselling

  • Bereavement and Loss Counselling

  • Trauma Counselling

  • Biofeedback Work

  • Adolescent Issues Counselling

Dr Marilyn Allen specialises in Trauma Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Anger Management, Self Esteem Issues, Self Sabotage, Academic Support, Anxiety and Stress Management.

"As a Member of BACP, I am bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy,  the Ethical Guidelines for Counselling and Psychotherapy Research (where practitioners undertake research) and subject to the Professional Conduct Procedure."

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Call us on 07503 318241 to speak to a BACP Registered Qualified Counsellor in London 

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I booked to see Dr Marilyn and try the Quantum Scio Machine to do an overall check for myself as it was recommended to me by a family member who thought it was fantastic! I especially wanted a second opinion about something that was worrying me. I was amazed to discover that the machine picked up on all my issues, big and small - it even was very accurate on my personality/behaviour. I was shocked. Dr Marilyn was so lovely and professional in explaining and giving recommendations on my health and well being - there was warm energy in the room. I was told that the Scio Machine carries out balancing and correcting of my chakras etc. I was so happy and energised. I would thoroughly recommend Dr Marilyn Allen. She is an excellent practitioner.

After two years of searching diligently for an answer to my illness & going to a number of private doctors and NHS specialists. Marilyn was able to give me a complete breakdown of what was wrong with me. She was able to address the issues in each section, mental emotional, and physical. She brought together all the thing the other doctors had said to me, plus a vast amount more which had not been known to me. The doctors completely ignored the thoughts and feelings I had been telling them about myself. She confirmed them all without me even telling her. This has given me greater confidence in trusting what my body tells me. The knowledge she has given me about my condition has allowed me to have a greater understanding of what needs to be done for complete healing.

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