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Vicarious Trauma

Vicarious Trauma (VT) is a process of change resulting from empathic engagement with people who have suffered trauma. It is counter transference activated by hearing traumatic stories that clients bring which accumulates over time. It is important to distinguish Vicarious Trauma from Secondary Trauma as Secondary Trauma can happen suddenly upon hearing the severe nature of the client’s trauma. Symptoms of VT can include lingering feelings of anger, rage and sadness. Also feelings of shame, guilt, self-doubt, pessimism, cynicism, difficulty in maintaining professional boundaries. Wait … There is hope! 😄. Recognise your own stress levels. Be realistic about your case load and targets. Take regular breaks and have Peer Meetings to debrief. Vicarious Resilience training, good Supervision, good Therapy as well as Self-Care is required for Health Care Professionals. Does this resonate with you? Good morning. Have a productive day.

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