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Let’s Meet Dr Marilyn Allen Phd


Marilyn Allen PhD is the director of Marilyn Allen Therapeutic Counselling. She is a Therapeutic Counsellor, as well as a Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner using various Biofeedback devices in her Clinic. She is also passionate about Natural Medicine, using natural sources to affect well being holistically. She believes everyone can improve their health by relying on natural products and ingesting good healthy unadulterated food (natural is best) for instance, herbs, plant based foods and organic products. She also believes in the effects that well being activities have on the body, for instance, yoga, pilates, martial arts, meditation, exercise and being at one with nature (hiking, gardening etc). She advocates for letting your health be the most important part of your life. Dr Marilyn runs her Clinic from North London and Central London. She can be contacted

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