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Let’s Talk About … Autumn

Autumn is the time for renewal. It is an example of how beautiful change can be. The falling leaves, bare trees, the drop in temperature and the change of clothen.

However, after beautiful summer of positivity, autumn can feel a bit dreary and slow. If you need pick me up, be aware that good nutrition is important. This does not mean a “low calorie” diet – it means nourishing your body with natural ingredients (organic if possible) which will increase your vitality and keep you energised to generate heat in your body. Your serotonin is made in your gut so what you eat contributes to your mood – meaning, anxiety, depression and brain fogginess or being happy, feeling motivated and contented.

Also, get the remnants of the vitamin D in the sun rays as it supports hormone production which helps control your auto-immune and stress response.

Take up a hobby and include a bit of physical exercise. Do things to make you feel healthy and happy.

A few sessions of talking therapy might also help support you make sense of how your body is responding to the weather change. Take care of your self. You cannot live any where else apart from in your body. A healthy mind supports a healthy body. Let your health be your wealth!

Photo Credit: Forestry Commission Scotland

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