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Some Effects of Using Music During Therapeutic Counselling

Music is the ultimate and most intuitive form of communication there is. It is a shared language. (Play your pet’s favourite tune and wait for the response). Every musical sound is said to contain a fundamental frequency and some harmonic layers as well as overtones. This gives every instrument a specific acoustic sound which appeals to its audience. Listening to music can be a phenomenological experience and can cause an emotional catharsis in listeners. Music releases an endorphin rush, and is powerful enough to soothe us or activate negative emotions in listeners. We use music as a modality during some Counselling work in our clinic. There is evidence based research to prove that the use of music during Therapeutic Counselling is beneficial. Evidence based research backs the use of music during therapy. The benefits of using music in therapy include stress reduction, improved memory, being more alert, inducing relaxation, stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, soothing, enabling emotional healing. How does music affect you? Use music during your self care routine. Music by The Laser Blended Vision Band.


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