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Stress and Psychological Disorders

Anxiety and depression tends to be heightened in times of social stress for instance in a pandemic. We seem fixated on information eager to keep abreast with developments. However, sources of information might not be accurate and sometimes, accurate information is too frequent and confusing. This causes immense stress. We become hypersensitive to information that triggers negative reactions in us. Adolescents worry about their education, loss and bereavement, friendships and missing out on time to explore. Adults worry about finances, social status, loss and bereavement, go through existential crisis, relationships and their own behaviours when their freedoms have became limited. Almost everyone worries about missing out on life. The longer the pandemic, the more chronic the stress is manifested, which could lead to heightened psychological stress, which when prolonged, can result in chronic stress. This could trigger emotional problems such as anxiety disorders, depression, social phobias and addictive disorders. It can also lead to physical disorders such as cardiovascular issues. If you feel you are being affected by the pandemic mentally, speak with your health care provider or General Practitioner. A Therapist can also support you make meaning of what is happening to you and help you manage the triggers to cope better in such circumstances. References: Banks, R., 2020 How to Deal with Grief, Loss and Death: A Survivors Guide to Coping with Pain and Trauma and Learning to Live Again. Independent Publishers . Greger, M., 2020 How to Survive a Pandemic Bluebird Harper, F., 2018 This is your Brain on Anxiety What Happens and What Helps. Microcosm Mate, G., 2018 In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction. Ebury Digital


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