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“The Top Foods for Preventing Cancer by Victor Marchione, MD

Cancer is a pervasive disease in our culture. Medical research over the past two decades has focused heavily on cancer treatments. Specifically, scientists have been making slow but steady progress in learning how to halt cancer that has already started to spread.

There is a subtle shift taking place, however, within the medical community. Prevention has become as important as effective treatments. Not developing cancer at all is really the very best approach to the disease.

Diet may be one of the most effective ways to prevent cancer cells from growing and multiplying. With that in mind, here’s some definitive evidence about foods that prevent cancer, courtesy of researchers from the Department of Health Sciences Research at the Mayo Clinic.

The research team at the famed clinic lamented the fact that studies investigating fruit, vegetable, fibre, and grain consumption, and cancer risk are inconclusive. So they conducted their own trial in which they looked for links between dietary habits and the risk for getting pancreatic cancer.

The researchers found that there was a significant positive link between pancreatic cancer prevention and the following foods: Citrus Melon Berries Dark green vegetables Deep yellow vegetables Tomato Dried beans and peas Insoluble fiber Soluble fiber Whole grains Orange/grapefruit juice They also found that there was an increased association with pancreatic cancer and this food group:

— Non-whole grains

These results remained the same, even after adjusting for diabetes or total sugar intake.The researchers concluded that lower consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fibre is associated with having pancreatic cancer. This, they say, could mean that these food groups have a significant role to play in developing cancer prevention strategies. “

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