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Managing Emotions – Dr Marilyn Allen PhD

The human mind has its own way of avoiding what it finds too unbearable, by cutting off feelings. Sometimes, such states are expressed through feelings of numbness or disbelieve, dissociating or creating fantasy. G. Music (2001) cites examples of how an abused girl might dispel thoughts of the injustice of what has happened to her by denying the awfulness of it all. Whilst a boy who suffers beatings might ignore the need to protest any for fear of being beaten again. Some people find escape routes whenever such issues are discussed by removing themselves from the discussion because they feel exposed, or even threatened. They become hypersensitive to certain keywords especially, if the family’s ‘emotional culture’ frowns upon showing certain emotions. Avoiding feelings is not helpful and could be damaging. A Therapist could help you make meaning of such emotions and help you manage them to avoid getting activated each time you find yourself in a place of unbearable pain. Life is full of twists and turns so finding ways to live your best life is helpful. Reference: Music G (2001) Affect & Emotions Icon Books UK PhotoCredit: Marilyn Allen

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